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Below are listed some popular locations for photo opportunities at Birmingham Airport (EGBB/BHX)
This is just an initial guide and will be updated as things do change.
As always parking is your responsibly and at your own risk.
I hope it is of use to anyone visiting Birmingham hoping to get some decent photos,
Hover over the markers –on the maps below for description and click  for example photos .


Photospot A – NCP Multistory Car Park – Elmdon

Photospot A – located at the NCP multi-story car park situated on the (old) Elmdon site of the Airport (Pay and display charges apply).

From the Main Terminal by foot : – 50mins

By Car :- Turning off the  A45 (Holiday Inn) junction and travelling down Terminal Rd (one way) the car park is clearly visible on the right hand side about 400m ,however  because of the one way system you will at some point have to turn right and come back on yourself and the entrance is then on your left hand side.

(Note:- the top floor is now Permanently closed  to cars and pedestrians!  lower levels can be used to park with restricted views, also currently as of 01/03/2019 maintenance work is being carried out by contractors on all levels.).

Here you can get clear photos of aircraft parked outside MAEL(Hangar 5) and XLR (Hangar 4) as well as  cargo and executive aircraft parked on the Elmdon apron.

landing and take off photos of both runway 15 and 33, and on cooler days (without heat haze!) decent taxiing photos of aircraft in and out of the main terminals.

This spot is generally good for all times of the day, but for landing and take off afternoons and evenings are best.Zoom and telephoto lens of at least 100mm and over will get good results

Photospot B & C & D – A45 Coventry Road RWY33


Photospot B  – can  be reached by foot along the public footpath which runs along side the A45.

These points are all within easy waking distance from the main terminal.

By car:- Parking point A (nearest) Old Damson Lane  or  Parking point B St Peters Lane .

Approach shots of  aircraft to RWY33 on short finals can be made with a Zoom lens of at least 200mm.

Best time here is afternoons and early evenings

 Photospot C  – You are in fact directly under the approach to 33 but here you do have a clear view of Aircraft taxiing and lining upon RWY33 at holding point S1.

Side on photos can be taken with a zoom lens of at least 150mm.

Best time here is late mornings and early afternoon.

Photospot D is actually located in Clock Lane beside a gate in a lay-by and provides photos of landing aircraft on short finals to RWY33.

 (Beware parking your car on Clock Lane is now illegal as it is now double red lines and regularly visited by Parking attendants!)

This spot is only good for the morning and a zoom lens of at least 150mm is required.

Parking for Photospots C & D  is advisable at Parking point B.

From Parking point B walk back down Catherine-de-Barnes lane towards the airport and bearing left along the footpath into Clock Lane.(approx. 300m)

The entrance to the public bridle/footpath is on the left hand side at Entrance point A.

Following this path will bring you to Coventry road A45 and end of runway for Photospot C and a little further along the path to Photospot B.

Photospot E & F – NCP Car Park 5 and Railway line Public Footpath

Photospot E – This spot is located in NCP Car Park 5 in the Main Airport site.(unfortunately google has not updated street view,so when you zoom in it shows the old map before the runway extension was built!)

Photos can be taken along the full length of the fence which runs parallel with the new runway extension of 33 and taxiway S.

Also photos of aircraft parking and taxiing in and out of the terminal ‘cul-de-sac’ can be taken through the fence.

The car park has a natural slope allowing you to walk up and away from the fence, which will enable clear photos of landing aircraft above the fence…however

Car Parking charges apply click here for latest prices!. 

This spot is best early morning and generally wide angle/standard  zoom lens are best as you are very close to the aircraft

Photospot F – Located alongside the Railway line is a public footpath which runs parallel to the railway line and overlooks stands 61 – 81.

Access to the path can be from the NEC railway station Parking point C (free but beware!!….parking restrictions for 20mins only and its a longer walk!) or for a shorter walk use Parking point D – NCP Car Park 2/3 next to the main terminal …however..

Car Parking charges apply click here for latest prices!.

Access to the public footpath is a small gate on Ramp Road at rear of Car Park 2/3 .

Be advised that there is a double fence along the path so for best photos a step ladder is required.

Standard zoom lens is fine and best in the mornings with sun behind you. 

Photospot G – Marston Green Train Station Footbridge RWY15

Photospot G – Marston Green train station footbridge.

Parking point E – Parking is free but has local restrictions in the area, so observe local parking signs as enforcement does take place.

This is a very good spot for early morning arrivals and line up shots of RWY15.

Access to the bridge is via the station platform.(due to recent suicides from this bridge there is a security officer monitoring the area so it is not a good idea bringing something to stand on !).

Note this area is a very public area, so please be aware that you enter this area at your own risk.

Photospot H  & I – Sheldon Country Park RWY 15


Photospot H Sheldon Country Park/Birirmingham Airport viewing area North end.

Is situated directly under the approach lights of RWY15.

This spot will give you a full view of the whole runway of aircraft taking off, landing and lining up RWY15 at A1.

This area is ok for most of the day and you can walk to the left or right in the area to get positions which will enable you to photograph aircraft  at a variety of different angles.

Closest parking for this spot is available at Parking point F.(note:- this point is marked where the park entrance is situated and parking is possible on any of the adjacent public roads close to the entrance).Then a short walk through the gate brings you to end of the runway viewing area.

Photospot I – Sheldon Country Park 2.

This spot is ideal for side on short final landing shots on RWY15.

Best time of day is afternoon/evening with clear shots obtained with a zoom lens up to 300mm.

Parking point G (note:- this  point is marked where the park entrance is situated and parking is possible on any of the adjacent public roads close to the entrance) .

Walk through the park entrance and take a right turn at a ‘T’ junction in the path and follow it round to the left into the park to Photospot I  ..which can be identified by a wooden signpost and bench next to the Airport perimeter fence.

Please remember this is a public park so i would advise extra vigilance with personnel items of value..Please stay safe!.



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