Due to the present COVID-19 Government advice  latest photo updates will be suspended on the site as this is  ‘Non Essential‘ travel as per the Government advice to STAY AT HOME!.
People need to stay at home and to understand that ignoring the guidelines  will only cause the outbreak to last longer and affect more and more people.
Social gatherings as per the Government guidelines are to be observed at Birmingham Airport.

Sky News UK

Coronavirus lockdown in the UK: Here’s a guide to what you can (and can’t) do

We all love this hobby and I will miss my visits to my local Airport but as far as I am concerned there are more important things in life that will have to take priority in the current situation.
I hope that the situation will eventually get better and we can all get back to some normality soon.I hope everyone keeps safe and my thoughts are with everyone whose lives are seriously being effected by this pandemic.
Good news is that the rest of the site will continue to operate normally as it doesn’t involve travelling and is for the most part automatic eg. Live arrivals/departures/Radar etc.
Kind regards and keep safe.
John Mason